High-Tc superconducting Josephson junctions circuits

The PHASME team has developed a technique to structure High-Temperature Superconducting thin films at the nanoscale combining advanced electronic lithography with ion irradiation. In particular, we have been able to fabricate high-temperature YBa2Cu3O7 Josephson junctions which are the building blocks at the heart of many different superconducting circuits. The natural scalability of this technique makes it particularly suitable to implement complex circuits that include a large number of junctions. We fabricated large scale SQUIDs and SQIFs arrays, whose properties such that the temperature of operation and the sensitivity, can be controlled by the irradiation parameters (energy, fluency). We have also developed heterodyne Josephson mixers for the THz range of frequency which is a frontier area for research in many fields, including physics, astronomy, chemistry, material science, biology and medicine. The device, which consists of a Josephson junction embedded into a THz spiral antenna and connected to a microwave readout line, uses the non-linearity of the Josephson current to down-convert the information at lower frequency.

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